Mental Health Stigmas

I share my fellow blogger’s thoughts on this subject and support him all the way in this regard.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Mental Health Stigmas – What Can we do to Change the Stigma?

I never want to repeat a blog post, so from time to time, I go through past blog posts. I realized I have talked recently about the stigma that surrounds mental health. What I talk about is that there is a responsibility that mental health bloggers face. It up to us in the mental illness community writing blogs to fight the stigma.

What does that mean?

It means showing people that it is not “weird” or “wrong” to have a mental illness. When I see a person on a television show portraying a mental illness its always as a crazy person. The people we see on the news that shoot up a movie theater, they’re always labeled as crazy. But to me, that doesn’t represent those of us in this struggle. We have to show the real sides…

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