a super-kala-fradga-listic-“clutza”-ala-docious

i really am a clutz
i can’t deny the fact
that wherever I may go
there is no turning back.
in a padded room
swaddled in bubble wrap
i trip on my big toe
and the nose goes ker-splat
there is no cure
for true clutzity ones like i
i keep falling and falling
and trip my way up into the sky
i never knew living this way
could be such a pain
would you take it for free?
this bad trip from me?
trip-fall-ia is excellent this time of year
i’ll pay you triple to come, my dear
oh, for the love of…
not another knee!
didn’t I dislocate one just last week?
it’s time for this to stop do note
all complete and udder nonsensical ways – just go
for, i really am a clutz till the end of days.


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