a super-kala-fradga-listic-“clutza”-ala-docious

i really am a clutz
i can’t deny the fact
that wherever I may go
there is no turning back.
in a padded room
swaddled in bubble wrap
i trip on my big toe
and the nose goes ker-splat
there is no cure
for true clutzity ones like i
i keep falling and falling
and trip my way up into the sky
i never knew living this way
could be such a pain
would you take it for free?
this bad trip from me?
trip-fall-ia is excellent this time of year
i’ll pay you triple to come, my dear
oh, for the love of…
not another knee!
didn’t I dislocate one just last week?
it’s time for this to stop do note
all complete and udder nonsensical ways – just go
for, i really am a clutz till the end of days.


Mind: shut the F$@K up!

my brain will not stop spinning,
it swirls around day and night,
strongly wishing and a hoping
just doesn’t seem to be working right
because of that damn thing, my mind…
won’t shut the “F” up!

Why can’t I turn the lights out up there?
just stop yelling at the next class already.
School will re-start in the morning
so, damn it, shut the “F” up already!!

I can’t even think in class, driving at dinner
Work might as well be in the past.
I’ve tried everything I can think of…
oh but wait, how can that be
when only one percent is open to me?
Open? you ask? YES!
my daydreaming mind only left me a dime.
Shut the “F”ront door right now!!! I need time.

So, brain, eyes, ears, hands and feet, mouth, nose, tummy and toes all agree:
Shut the F*@K up!!!!

let. us. sleep.



just a reminder, fetured photographs are copyright of rambling of a brown.haired clutz

Mental Health Stigmas

I share my fellow blogger’s thoughts on this subject and support him all the way in this regard.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

Mental Health Stigmas – What Can we do to Change the Stigma?

I never want to repeat a blog post, so from time to time, I go through past blog posts. I realized I have talked recently about the stigma that surrounds mental health. What I talk about is that there is a responsibility that mental health bloggers face. It up to us in the mental illness community writing blogs to fight the stigma.

What does that mean?

It means showing people that it is not “weird” or “wrong” to have a mental illness. When I see a person on a television show portraying a mental illness its always as a crazy person. The people we see on the news that shoot up a movie theater, they’re always labeled as crazy. But to me, that doesn’t represent those of us in this struggle. We have to show the real sides…

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