Just Trippin’

get out of bed: trip on my rug

walk in the kitchen: trip on the cat

go to the car: trip over feet

walk in a door: trip on a seem

talk to a man: trip on my tongue

try carrying bags: trip on a root

need to stop trippin’: gonna start screaming!

The case of bad-speller-ities gone south

I sats there in my chair, wits fangers in my hair

Saying way ay can’t I spell that word todya?

I know the word, I know the sound but when it comes I can’t write it down…

The lettres go wonkey backwrads loopy do

I can’t seem to put two and to with ym sentance

So ye may read my words from me to you it not happing now

Is a berry vad kase of  bad-speller-ities gone south

For I now my wok but tat all it about

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