My sister was born when I was 15, now she thinks I’m┬áthe one who’s 15 and she’s 35, sigh

Sisters never have an age, we’re forever-by-blood-heart-and-birth and linked, ageless

See my dears, sisters are like fine wine, and we wine well too – “she took my wifi!”

My little sister just today said, so politely, that I get on her nerves picking out tea!

Me! With picking out a tea driving her up the wall?

Well, it is fair, she sent me coo coo by two.

But I digress, She’s my sister and in my heart and art, she shall never age.

– five forever chica!

Poem: What lies we wish were truth

Every day I wish upon a lie to be a truth, yet in this way I know, as from the start, I’ll never be with you.

Empty promised words upon trembling lips in heat will never measure up to empty cold limbs beneath the bedding and the sheets.

Alone and cold will be my life as long as truth are lies, because all these empty Promise’s make me want to cry…



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