Her tears fall down from heaven in streams,

my shame eats at my soul.

Please, oh please, forgive this daughter of yours,

mother, while I try working hard for a new day.

Hear my cries and end the streams,

of this never-ending sorrow.

I promise to wake up soon, one day,

never spilling red waves on the tiles of the morrow.


Just Trippin’

get out of bed: trip on my rug

walk in the kitchen: trip on the cat

go to the car: trip over feet

walk in a door: trip on a seem

talk to a man: trip on my tongue

try carrying bags: trip on a root

need to stop trippin’: gonna start screaming!

Alone within a crowd of 30

In halls and lines with masses mixed and twined, I am alone.

In the theater, with crowds growing and filling to the max, I am alone.

In the school and at the museum with excitement in the air, I. Am. Alone.

Alone in my home with six others near…

Alone in my car with two people here…

Alone in my head with thoughts drowning dear…

Breath, please let me be, ALONE.

I can’t take the cacophony in my head, in my bed.

Take an ax to it all, make it end instead.

Make it all end! alone.

sigh –

Just because I am in a crowd of 30, does not mean I don’t feel that I. am. alone.


I want to be the stranger starring back at me

See that girl there in the mirror?

The one starring back at me,

All smiles and confidence, with sass in her eyes?

Who is she? Where’s she from?

She looks so happy and carefree I want her to be me!

I want the love she must have and joy she radiates,

I want to laugh, not cry nor hide my life all day,

I want to be that girl in the mirror looking back…

Wait, that’s me in the mirror, but I don’t feel that way

That’s the image I show the world every day.

So this is the goal? To smile in true form?

It will take much time to make myself glad for me,

The way I wish and encourage others to be.

I must now follow the path of the vain

So that I may maintain, a more healthy view of my self

Then I shall become the girl in the mirror.

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